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Maybe you came to Germany to study, and after receiving promising job opportunities you found yourself staying longer.

Maybe the sole purpose of you emigrating was shaping a better future for yourself by taking advantage of what the German job market has to offer.

After all, being an employee in Germany has its perks.

Here's what you might now know yet:

Even born and raised Germans have significant gaps in their coverage. The government compels employees to deal with this as soon as possible.

"The German social security system has got me covered."


There is a minimum period that needs to be fulfilled for you to even qualify for the benefits.

Depending on where you lived and worked before the conditions vary.


As an expat you start later and pay into it for a shorter period, without any guarantees.

Why should I do

something about it?

living in multiple countries | paying into multiple systems | not receiving anything fully | starting later than the average citizen | understanding the system | language barrier


Does it sound familiar?


We got you. Let's get it checked.



From retirement provisions to health care, nursing care, and protecting your workforce.

Make the most out of your expat employee status.

Close your gaps for the future, today.


For expats, private health insurance is the topic surrounded by most myths and half-truths.


Health coverage should be tailored to your needs. There are many plans to choose from, that's why we are here to guide you to make the best decision for today and tomorrow.

As an employee, changing into private health insurance is a privilege that you need to qualify for first.

"I can change into private health insurance any time."

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Our cooperation partners take care of that. What we can help you with is building tax-optimizing financial instruments into your concept.

"So you can

file my taxes?"

We are not fiscal advisors.

They take care of filing your taxes and telling you how much you need to pay.

What we do is make sure that in the future that sum is optimized. 

Every person compelled to pay taxes is entitled to saving taxes.

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First thing you should know: you are entitled to request a company pension scheme.


Some companies offer even further benefits, such as capital-forming benefits, improved health benefits, and more! 

It can be a huge help in closing some of your personal gaps, indeed! Nevertheless, it is rarely sufficient on its own.

"What about what my company has to offer?"

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Your future

starts now.