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Multilingual and interested in consulting?


There's a place for you here.

Become an expert for your own expat community of choice.


We embrace creativity.

You get to create your own path, as a specialist, mentor, or leader.

We want to encourage you to pursue the career you envision.

Communication at eye-level.


Freedom to choose whom you work with.

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Like to

work hard?


All hail performance-based compensation.

You learn and qualify yourself as consultant

and our expats team teaches you the expat-specific know-how.



We work digitally,

offering flexibility.


You can join our team

from anywhere, anytime.

You get to help people daily,

while working with a team within a team.

You are self-employed without any entrepreneurial risk.

Thanks to our

Best Select quality seal, you can focus on tailoring the roadmap to your clients' needs.

Joining us digitally from all corners of Germany?

Want to be a leader?

We can help you build your own expats center in your city.

Our mentorship system teaches you how to provide tailored solutions according to the clients' needs.

From academics,

for academics.


From expats,

for expats.