Retirement Planning


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Even born and raised Germans are facing immense

personal gaps when it comes to retirement planning.

This is due to the change in the demographics.

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Why should I do

something about it?


Expats are usually affected by

at least one of the following. 


You paid into multiple systems but rarely qualify for full benefits anywhere. Making the need for additional provision greater.



You are starting later than non-expats. Which means that greater investment is needed for achieving comparable results.


Many expats coming for work reasons tend to qualify as top-earners. Since you are used to high living standards, your gap is greater than average.

It is possible! And not only for retirement but also for some mid-term investments.

If your citizenship and residence permit allow it we can make this a reality.

"What if I want

my investment

to be green?"

What makes an asset sustainable can be defined through many different criteria, after all. Let's sit together with our investment specialist and find the right approach for you.

We work only with the best the market has to offer in this field, as well.

Even within what is considered halal, our clients have shown that believers live their beliefs in different ways and to different degrees.

We want to get to know you and understand your needs to find the best fitting solution for you.

"My investment

needs to be halal."

Despite the meager options in the market,

we found ways to cater to expats needing halal investment.

Chances are you cannot invest in the free market. Such is the case for many of our clients.

Just because it is a bit harder to find the right tools does not mean that it is impossible.

"I'm tax liable

in the US."

There are other investment options we can explore. So far we have been able to find a solution for all of our US clients. If you have or are planning on taking out a company pension scheme you should definitely get in touch to make sure you are allowed to invest in it.

Let's sit together and we'll walk you through.

Protect yourself against


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and make sure you build

a better tomorrow, today.