We seek to innovate the market as the prime digital, multilingual financial planning services for expats living in Germany.

Through our expertise, expert collaboration, and cooperation partners we seek to provide all-rounded solutions for expats in Germany.


Because financial freedom should be a right, not a privilege. 

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Want to contribute to making this vision

a reality? 

HORBACH, but different.



Through HORBACH's frame, we did not only train to become certified consultants in conformity to the regulations of the German market but we also had rigorous internal training, through the HORBACH mentorship model.


With the knowledge we gained from the German market we then specialized in the criteria exclusively aimed at expats living in Germany. 


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Regardless your residence permit type, family status, religion, or risk mentality, we can offer you the best of the market for your individual situation throughout all stages in life, not only through the quality seal behind the HORBACH Best Select principle but also thanks to our vast expertise in the field.



We make sure that your life does not have to be built around your finances, but that your finances enable you to construct the life you envision. Regardless of how long you stay in Germany.

Each and every client has unique needs. Our suggested roadmap is tailored to your personal goals and plans and allows you to incorporate the portfolios you have built across the world.


& cooperation

We have six languages you can choose from to be consulted in. Our team of experts will guide you step-by-step through the implementation and service.

Our cooperation partners aid with all non-financial questions as well.

Through us working together with our Munich colleagues we cover the entire financial spectrum. 

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