From a very young age, I always dreamed of studying and building my life in Germany. Being a social butterfly who enjoys networking and connecting with people, I majored in Linguistics and Cultural Studies at the LMU. ​

Finances are a fascinating field that allows for creative problem-solving on a daily basis. Both my fervent passion for relentlessly challenging myself and my strong drive to do meaningful work led me to take the leap and choose HORBACH as my work-place, after having been a client at the company first.

It is not in spite of me being an expat but because of it, that my motivation is to become the person I would have needed when I emigrated. Love getting to know the unique stories behind each of my clients.


I also decided to specialize mainly in US-citizens and their needs. Upon request, I also occasionally consult in Spanish.

Be it either in the form of building cooperations or as your consultant, I am always looking forward to finding ways to help clients achieve the future they envision.

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