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Building passive income streams open a new world of possibilities.

In the long term, asset accumulation and growth

lead to more time and opportunities.

For some, investment lies at the root of their

understanding of financial freedom.

What does Germany have to offer?

Which investments can you access as an expat?

The Basics


Due to the low-interest phase, leaving large

sums of money in the bank makes you lose money.  



If you are like our clients, you probably have a varied investment portfolio all across the world. 

Let's take asset allocation to the next level.

Make use of what the German market has to offer!

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Our portfolio has all kinds of financial instruments. First we will figure out what your risk mentality is and then find tailored solutions fitting your profile.

"What about my risk mentality?"

There are three main parameters when it comes to investment instruments: safety, liquidity, profitability. 

Preferences for each variable are individual, and this is the foundation before we recommend any complementary assets.

This depends on your personal goals and the reason why you are investing. It is a bit different to invest for yourself, than for your children or your company.

The investment period also needs to be considered in relation to risk, profitability, and accessibility.



You get to choose! For some financial instruments mostly between 6-17 years for what we call "mid-term investment".

"What time period are we talking about?"

So are many of our clients.

Just because it is a bit harder to find the right tools does not mean that it is impossible.

"I'm tax liable

in the US"

If you are tax liable in the US chances are, you cannot invest in the free market. We do have options apart from real estate, which are market independent, though, so if you want to invest in Germany we should sit together. 

What makes an asset sustainable can be defined through many different criteria, after all, just as there are many different sides to it, which our analyst check before they make it into our portfolio. Let's sit together with our investment specialist and find the right approach for you.

Yes, and not only for

mid-term investment, but if your citizenship and residence permit allow it we could even follow a sustainable retirement plan.

"Do you offer sustainable investments?"

What about Real Estate?

There is a difference between using the object

for your personal use or for renting it out.

Dreaming of your own four walls?

We find the best loan conditions based on

your occupation, residence permit, and citizenship,

as well of course of your financial situation. 

Learn how we pick a bank out of the over 500 in our portfolio:


And the multilingual notaries you always wanted?

Ready to unlock next-level investment?

Invest in real estate.

Create a further source of income without

having to play custodian and with the guarantee

that the rent income is stable. 

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Diversify your portfolio with our

alternative investments,

market-dependent investments,

and real estate options