Insurances Check

Chances are you are aware that in Germany

you can insure basically anything and everything. 



We prevent you from being

either underinsured or overinsured.

Life Stages Model

Lebensplan tranparent.png

For each of your life stages, 

there are different risks that need to be covered.

In general, we speak about four basic insurance must-haves 

as a basic foundation that all expats should have.

Depending on your individual situation

we explore which further ones make sense and when.

You would be surprised how many expats come to us with policies, of which they do not know the function.

There is an easier, better way.

Have many policies scattered around the world? 

We have language skills in over six languages

and can help you get them checked to make sure

whether you are covered in Germany.

Updates needed!

Our approach to financial planning is as flexible as your lifestyle.

At least once a year you should get your policies checked

and tailored to your needs and current situation.


Corporate Solutions

Some insurance plans can be adjusted for companies and groups of employees. Learn more and find a suitable solution for you.

Ask an Expert.