For smaller expat communities looking for an all-rounder solution.


Tailored interactive sessions covering the basics of financial planning for expats in Germany. Can be arranged for companies or communities per request. 

Tell us who you are and which topics interest you or your company and we will get in touch to discuss the next steps!


Emigrating is challenging enough. We know - we've been there. Finances, though, should not be.


All you ever wanted to know about pension planning, family planning, basic insurance must-haves, investments, and much more! 

1h session + 30' live Q&A

In cooperation with Expat in the City and IamExpat

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Do you have a burning interest to learn more and discuss specific financial topics



Join our forums taking place 4 times a year and have a chance to have an exchange with our experts, as well as other knowledgeable expats.

90' open discussion

Starting 2021! Stay tuned.

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