& Business Owners

Being your own boss definitely has its charm. Nevertheless, it comes with a double financial challenge: managing your own finances as well as making sure the business is thriving.

Came to Germany to start your own company,

or even to open a new branch? 

We are here to help you navigate what it means to be an expat entrepreneur in Germany.

From must-haves to valuable add ons. We provide personal finance solutions and integrate them into the corporate concept.

Corporate Finances


Besides the compulsory fiscal and social security contributions, you are also compelled to offer e.g. a company pension scheme. 

"What are my duties

as an employer?"

First it is important for you to become acquainted with the statutory system.

If you are new to this we are here to help. 

There are many benefits you can offer as an employer.

Let's explore what suits your line of business best.


Pension Schemes


Opting in on such add-ons increases employees' satisfaction and loyalty, while simultaneously offering you benefits as well.


Depending on your company's size, branch, needs, and budget we can tailor the solutions to your needs. No cookie-cutter-models.

"What kind of benefits can I offer?"

Unlike the compulsory company pension scheme, you can decide on added health-care benefits, workforce insurance, and even assets and investment opportunities


From employing fellow expats, to tailoring the benefits offered to the German market regulations, there are many minutiae to consider in every step.

"I plan on employing fellow expats. 

What should I be bearing in mind?"

You are going to want us on your side to help you navigate the German market and tailoring it to the needs of fellow expats. 

We offer special presentations to cater to the needs of your employers regarding their own finances in Germany.

Corporate Presentations

We can help you only with all corporate/personal financial-related questions. If you need help in these areas our cooperation partners can aid you.

"Can you draft my business plan

or help me with legal questions?"

Personal Finances

You will need all basic insurances like every other expat, but you will need to insure the added risks with further fundamental ones to have full coverage.

"I need different insurances when I become an entrepreneur, right?"


Getting your portfolio checked is a basic. If you just arrived in Germany then you will need both basics and specifics. As much as necessary, but as little as possible.


In some cases, if you are creating a corporate plan, we can couple them to reap the most benefits.

Better safe,

than sorry

For most of these options, you can either decide to invest as a private individual or as a company. Depending on your risk mentality, preferences, and the chosen time frame we draft a portfolio which enriches your pre-existing global one.

"I'm an investor.

What do my nationality and residence permit type allow as a company owner?"

This of course needs to be checked individually. Mostly we can offer you market-dependent options, as well as real estate, private equity, and even infrastructure.

Investment Opportunities

Our cooperation partners take care of that. What we can help you with is building tax-optimizing financial instruments into your concept.

"What about my taxes? Do you take care of this, too?"

We are not fiscal advisors.

They take care of filing your taxes and telling you how much you need to pay.

What we do is make sure that in the future that sum is optimized. 

Every person compelled to pay taxes is entitled to saving taxes. Especially if you are in the highest tax bracket!

Lead by Example