Company Pension Schemes

Remember your first day at your new company, when they showed you around

and probably gave you some materials to take home?

Well, within those brochures there should have been some input regarding

the benefits being offered by the company, be it for pension or further coverage. 

As a matter of fact, most expats coming to Germany are not aware that companies in Germany are compelled to offer a company pension scheme and that you as an employer have the right to request having one set into place. 


Same reason as to why further provisioning is needed for retirement.

The contributions for the statutory system will rarely be enough, that is,

if you qualify to receive them at all. 

Learn how to profit from a company pension scheme

and shrink your personal gap.



for employers



If you are a company owner, now you know you ought to take care of this.


Here is how you profit of offering these benefits to your employees:


More loyalty, less fluctuation

Providing your employees with added benefits increases your workplace's appeal for both new candidates as well as current workers. By positioning your company through fringe benefits you 


reduce non-wage labor costs

increase employees' motivation, productivity, and loyalty  

Your obligations as an employer

Employers are compelled to provide information and consultancy options regarding company pension schemes. If you as an employer were to fail to fulfil these duties, your employees are entitled to filing damage claims against you. With us on your side, we make sure to help you provide the necessary information, tailored to your employees' needs and simplify the implementation for your company. 

  • "Nachweisgesetz" (act on notification of conditions governing an employment relationship) - written information about the company's pension scheme

  • Information obligation when issuing a confirmation

  • Necessary information regarding the legal right to deferred compensation 

  • Information obligation following the Insurance Contract Act (Versicherungsvertragsgesetz)​

bAV Systeme.png

There are many options to choose from.

We help you find which one is the right one

for your company and your employees. 

low administrative expenses | void extra implementation costs

free the company from long-term obligations | avoid unforeseeable liability risks


for employees



living in multiple countries | paying into multiple systems | not receiving anything fully  starting later than the average citizen | understanding the system | language barrier

Does it sound familiar?


The statutory system is not going to suffice.

Make sure you use the company pension scheme as leverage to

close your personal gap faster and more efficiently with lower contributions!

What do we understand under company pension schemes?

All fringe benefits granted by an employer to their employees

in the fields of provisions for old-age, dependants, and invalidity.

5 implementation paths


direct insurance Pensionskasse | pension funds

provident funds | direct commitment 




bav Rechenbeispiel.png

Lead by example.

Let's calculate your personal gap and

find a contribution option that makes sense

for your individual situation.