Choosing Us


6 languages

for you to choose from.

We work digitally, offering you a flexible, decentralized service: anywhere, anytime.

Trained and certified in the German market,

experts in the needs and portfolios of our expat clients. We know exactly which companies offer the best conditions of each situation as well as all expat-related specifics in each field.

We connect our clients with specialists in specific fields as well, to provide you with holistic financial planning, as well as with our cooperation partners.

We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions.

Meet the HORBACH Best Select principle and what we offer exclusively to our expat clients.


We've been there. We know. Finances, especially in Germany, can be quite complex.


There are many financial instruments in the market. To assess which ones are added to the HORBACH portfolio as the best players in each field, the products have to fulfil the criteria applied by a body of 600+ people in our Hannover back office.


But that's not enough.

Our job is getting to know you. Your individual plans and goals, residence permit type, nationality, family status, international portfolio, even your beliefs.

Then as your consultants, we follow a market independent approach to make sure we present you with a tailored roadmap, maximizing your opportunities.


We make sure that your options are flexible and only represent opportunities you can reap benefits from in the longterm, regardless of how long you stay in Germany. 

We present you with a roadmap based on your preferences and our expertise and together we help you implement the solutions of your choice.


Financial planning is never set in stone.

It needs frequent updates, to organically accompany you through different life stages.

By choosing to work with us you secure yourself

an advisor for the long run.

And for all

non-financial questions you bring

to the table?

Our cooperation partners

got your back.