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Germany offers endless opportunities when it comes to academia. It has one of the best education levels worldwide, making it a popular destination for academics on all levels.

The one thing that they do not teach you in academia, though, is all about Germany's financial system. And even less so, about how you can profit both as a student and as an academic.

Originally, HORBACH was born as a service provided by academics, for academics to address this gap.


Us at HORBACH Expats want you to know why this is even more relevant as an expat:

We begin with a cashflow analysis to see where you are and where you want to be.

We then tell you if you are missing the foundation or are good to go.

"What are the basics?"

Most of our expat clients did not receive financial advice in their youth.

By the time they get to Germany, closing their gaps and investing wisely is significantly harder.

Taking care of this now gives you a head-start in life.

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The solutions we offer grant you flexibility, today you can make sure you shape a better future for yourself, regardless of where that might be.

"I am not sure for how long I will be in Germany"

Believe us, a lot is possible with the smallest of sums.

After receiving the information you can decide on its worth.

"My budget is limited, after all, I am still studying"

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Just looking for a reliable source of information regarding financial topics?

Pursuing a long-term academic career should not stand in the way of you reaching your financial goals. 

Make use of the benefits 

your student status in Germany 

has to offer.

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Take your finances into your own hands

and open doors for yourself in the most powerful way.


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